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Told myself to take a rest after the underdrawing. Instead, I went on a 6-hr drawing. Portrait of the day.

Trying not to rush things up. Underdrawing for my next portrait. Don’t know what to do next. I’ll take a rest first because I am tired from work.

Portrait project day N.

Challenge/practice: portrait without lifting the charcoal from the paper.

Life is recently in an uproar. Wild decisions. Fast transitions. I’ve been running too fast, afraid to be left behind by my own self. Hibernating from a lot of things, trying to escape from the cage that in the first place, was built by me. I’ve been mad. Mad at those who made it before me. Mad at every possibility that did not materialize. I’ve been in a battle with myself. I’ve been looking for things but faced at different directions. Everything seems to be misled by desires and pressure to win the race.

Sadness in Colors

First acrylic painting. 2nd canvas. #art

Mila Kunis. Just extend your imagination because I was not able to extend mine further. :P

I know I renewed my commitment to this blog but due to a series of unexpected events in my life, I was not able to maintain it. But hey! I am getting better and I hope I’ll be at my best when November 16 comes because I am invited to one of the biggest business-to-blogger events in the country: BLOGAPALOOZA! This will be a great kick-off for me. November 16 at SM Aura with a lot of different companies (list of participating companies) and bloggers. I am so excited! 


I can bring one guest and I still have no idea who among my friends (bloggers preferred) to bring. If you are not a member of this blogapalooza group, you can still sign up and have your blog checked. You still have the chance to get the freebies from the companies listed and a chance to boost up your blog with online marketing and network building! They are looking for product ambassadors and online storytellers like you! :) You can register at http://blogapalooza.wheninmanila.com/

For more details, please visit WheninManila and Blogapalooza 2013 sites.

I am in Makati right now (again). It is one of the places which I think I know best since I started my career (where is it now?) here and had several jobs and gimmicks here, too.

I am now working for heygarch.com on their Makati and BGC maps. I have to stay here to be able to meet our goals quickly since time is running and we have to meet our deadline. It’ll be easier for me to meet the clients since they are based here and nearby. I’ll be staying here in one of the condos along Valero.

Oh well, Valero, a very familiar place and yes, I know it so no worries about going here. I just went straight ahead and looked for the building I was told when I noticed that I was not heading in the right direction so we (with my kabatch, Gegel), went back. That’s when we realized that yeah, we were going the wrong way. When I saw the buildings in Valero which are familiar to me, I was telling myself how stupid I was and accepted that we were taking a path to nowhere near to where we were supposed to be headed. Worse, Gegel just dug into me how much stupidity I exerted when I have the sample maps all along with me. Ahuh, I am working for a map project so I should have the copies with me and that never sank into me when we were going nowhere. Damn. That’s how I knew that I am not an expert for directions (which I thought I am).


        “Life is a big stage-play” had already worn out for me. Now, it’s like a big fashion show where every person on earth is trying to make a statement whether it’s loud or not, political insights, the booming of running and fitness and what-nots. Every one wants to be seen or heard.

        Social media world is like a big runway. I think most of the people have their lives revolved around the internet. Instagram first before you eat; tweet before going to sleep; check-in to foursquare when you drive; share the whole story on facebook and blogs; pin it!

       I have nothing against this. In fact, I was one of those who try to keep on what’s trending. I was one of those who try to make sense out of nonsense. It’s okay. Just be responsible. 

       You want to be in the trend? Then follow Christina Aguilera’s advice,

        Let’s get glam, don’t let the clothes wear you
        Let’s get glam, it’s all in how you move
        Let’s get glam, don’t let the clothes wear you    
        Let’s get glam, it’s all an attitude

Those are some lines from her song, Glam.

        Don’t let the trends wear you. Don’t speak out opinion that is not really yours in the first place and just because it’s trending, does not mean it’s right. Just because you’re the only one who have such opinion does mean you’re wrong. Get glam! It’s all an attitude! Believe. Speak out! Run your show!

In the mirror is where she comes face to face with her fears.
Her own reflection now foreign to her.
After all these years, all of her life she has tried to be something besides herself.
Now time has passed and she’s ended up someone else with regret.

What is it is that makes us feel the need to keep pretending. Gotta let ourselves be.

Don’t be scared to fly alone.
Find a path that is your own.
Love will open every door.

Soar by Christina Aguilera

          It’s been a while since I actively participated here on Tumblr. Like 2years maybe? Recent posts were via instagram and just some photos. Nonsense to what I was posting when I started here. I won’t be ranting about how this blogging site changed. Things change and that’s it.

        After my mind wandered for some time, I finally decided to come back here. I started by editing layout little by little and now, I changed my avatar from a drinking college girl to trying-to-be-smart lady.

        Myself and I agreed not to post about my sad past too often. It’s time to post more about fashion, food, travel, political views and other growing up things. It’ll be one of ways to improve myself. 

        I am also rebuilding my network, yes, you read it right. I am rebuilding my network. I want more followers because I’ll be posting giveaways, too and some important tips and information. Regarding what? Not certain as of the moment. So if you could help me, please do. I will appreciate it! Ola! :)

Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn.

"You should have known that I like you the moment I told you that you’re beautiful. Happy birthday."

Mehehehe. Kinilig ako nang bahagya.