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Machong-macho e! :p

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Breaking up is just like having the worst nightmare after having the best dream

Business report on Friday. Projector is acting up. Nganga na lang sa mga bosses wishing they could extend their imagination. Tapos tatawanan ka pa at kukuhanan ng photo. Malapit na akong magdrawing dito ngayong break para maintindihan niyo e! Haha.

Tangled | Quick work for tonight’s practice | watercolor and ink

Trying to achieve a gradient for my door. This is what I do on lunchtime. :)

I was about to go for a jogging in the park before cleaning. I ended up running to the kitchen and eat! Hahaha. At least, I ran!

Done painting my room! Yahoo! Will continue cleaning tomorrow morning as workout! Tired but happy. :)

Halfway through painting my room! Sarap maligo sa pawis! :)

Went out early to get my work done early. Too excited to paint my roomwall. This is my kind of workout. Haven’t even reached 1/10 of the room and I am dead tired. :( hindi pala madali. Ang impulsive e!

This is how @plorodol and I doodle over a cup of coffee :)

I just came home from the hospital and saw these. Napatingin ako sa kalendaryo. Medyo napaaga ang birthday gift! There’s a happy kid in me right now! :)

I might go to what you refer to as ‘hell’ when I die. For now, excuse me while I enjoy my time in ‘heaven’ :)

I joined five organizations when I was in college. From varsitarian to academic to socio-civic to environmental and of course, a sorority. Each of which has its own process. Play with your imagination on how can possibly each process went and you might be right. Do I have any regrets you ask? None. I learned along the way. Believe it or not, until now that I am out of college, I am still learning from the tasks I was given during my application process to the tasks I handled when I became a member. Relationships built also taught me a lot of things. There are a lot of things to say especially that I started joining organizations on my freshman year and spent almost 6years in college so I won’t be enumerating them.

Now, do I recommend students to join an organization or frat or soro? Yes, but, there’s a big BUT. Choose well. You will learn a lot of things for sure and a little background check won’t hurt. Look at the members and you can have a glimpse on how a certain group can help you by looking at them. Do you need to join? How badly do you want to join that you are willing to go through the process which, by the way, even ‘sacred’ and must not be squealed, you have an idea on how it may go for sure? Do you trust your body and mind enough that you can get through it? You can have your deep WHYs or not. I, too, had my own. For simply wanting to have a beautiful and ‘astig’ orgshirt, I joined an organization. For wanting to be with my crush, I joined an organization and found out that he’s already with someone else. For wanting to be with my friends, I joined another organization. For wanting to be a better student and encourage others to do well, we put up an organization. For wanting to understand the sophistication of a group and for wanting to be a better woman like them, I joined another. You may not find my reasons to be valid but I did it and made it through the process and I was able to learn a lot of things. Mind you, I was always willing to take off the blindfold and go home whenever something goes wrong. Lucky me, the members during my applications had their brains with them.

Remember, you have to be responsible for your own self. If you think that what you are going through is not right, quit. If you think your body and mind can’t take it, inform them and believe me, they would adjust. If they don’t, quit. You don’t want to be a brod or sis of inconsiderate people. You wouldn’t want to shake hands with them when all you want to do is punch them. Do not think of how you will be labaled as a ‘QUITTER’. You know yourself more and for sure, you have your own reasons. If, along the process, you feel that you don’t want it that bad, just don’t continue. You will have more difficult times when you get to be a member convincing yourself that your choice was right. It is difficult to be with a group if half of your mind and heart is not in it.

To the members of the organizations, know your limitations. Ask your neophytes if they have medical condition. Do not treat them as animals. If you think that they need to experience the same thing you did, think again.

Tradition. It started when? 19kopong-kopong and you still believe that it is applicable today? You can start a new tradition! Do you think that your tradition is worthy enough in exchange of these kids’ lives? Is it precious enough that you are willing to take them away from their families and friends forever? Think again.

Change of mind, but never a change of heart. :)